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Get ready for Joint Commission Surveys with us

In today’s healthcare environment, psychiatric hospitals must implement continuous readiness programs for unplanned Joint Commission/Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) visits. To meet this need, NRI is pleased to inform you of our ongoing partnership with. Through this partnership, we assist inpatient psychiatric hospitals with Joint Commission/CMS standards compliance and survey readiness.

NRI and Fields & Associates’ unique value-added approach to Joint Commission survey preparation combines the unmatched clinical expertise of Fields & Associates and the trusted data analytics and performance metrics of NRI. NRI has been the premiere source for  services for psychiatric hospitals for over two decades, while Fields & Associates provides experience guiding psychiatric hospitals to compliance and survey success.

We have found the following four factors critical to successfully achieving and maintaining Joint Commission accreditation and/or CMS certification:

  • The ability to comply with standards: Your organization should be able to identify the critical core of compliance leaders and ensure their education and solid, contemporary knowledge of standards.
  • The ability to know if/when you are (or are not) in compliance: Your organization should look to a compliance information dashboard and the processes for monitoring, analyzing and capitalizing on the opportunities it reveals for improvement.
  • The ability to demonstrate compliance: Together with NRI and Fields & Associates, your organization should design and implement periodic mock tracers in all areas of the hospital and at least one full, facility-wide mock survey per survey cycle.
  • The ability to maintain continuous survey readiness: Your organization should establish and implement a 3-year schedule of compliance-related education, evaluation and simulation activities focused on the areas of greatest compliance vulnerability.

If you are interested in partnering with NRI on Joint Commission survey preparation call 703-738-8160 or email to request a service quote.

Our services include:

Joint Commission Survey Readiness

  • Comprehensive assessments for standards compliance
  • Standards clarification and/or training
  • On-site education and training

Joint Commission Mock Survey

  • Mock survey and/or mock tracers
  • Clinical case consultation and quality of care evaluation

Joint Commission Post-Survey

  • Performance improvement principles and tools
  • Ongoing compliance plan