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Benchmarking Services Allow Robust and Specialized Comparisons to Use the Patient Voice to Improve Care

The ICS domains (measures) provide a summary of consumer’s evaluation of key areas in their experience of care. Direct feedback from patients or family members in the areas of dignity and rights could inform therapeutic interactions between staff and consumers which could ultimately produce better quality of life outcomes. These intermediate outcomes may foretell the likelihood that the individual may return for further services when needed or choose services from other mental health providers. Responses on outcomes and participation in treatment indicate the extent to which a hospital has addressed the patient identified care needs including recovery engagement. Each domain is comprised of distinct questions enabling the health care provider to target specific areas of performance.

Benchmarking – identifying the best performer or optimal performance level, and strategies to achieve and maintain high performance

Comparisons based on like populations enable facilities to interpret scores in relation to other facilities with similar patient population. Comparisons across stratum enable a different type of insight.

  • Standard comparisons include age groups, forensic status, and grand total.
  • Standard statistics include mean, weighted mean, and percentile ranking.

Enrollment in the ICS benchmarking services, at a low annual fee, enables a facility access to all BHPMS services, including our personalized approach to customer service. Contact us for a demo.