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Forensic Patients in State Psychiatric Hospitals, 1989

January 01, 1989

Completed in 1995

This report examines the forensic composition of state psychiatric hospitals in 1989. The findings suggest that forensic patients accounted for a small proportion of the state psychiatric hospital patient population in 1989. Fewer forensic patients were admitted in 1989 compared to non-forensic patients. Despite having a smaller number of admissions, forensic patients had a longer length of stay than non-forensic patients. Results from the study suggested that more information needed to be collected on forensic patients residing at state hospitals, including data on the sub-classifications for forensic patients (e.g. Incompetent to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity), to gain a better understanding on why forensic patients have longer lengths of stay and what strategies could be useful for state hospital to implement to handle this population.