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December 27, 2012

Citation: Ortiz, G., & Schacht, L. (2012). Psychometric Evaluation of Inpatient Consumer Survey Measuring Satisfaction with Psychiatric Care. The Patient - Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Patients, 5(3), 163-173

Key Points for Decision Makers

The ICS is an effective tool for evaluating inpatient psychiatric care using dimensions deemed important to the consumers of that care, as demonstrated by very low missing data. Among the reasons decision makers would find the ICS useful are:

  • The ICS has been in use for 15 years, its fundamental qualities were validated.
  • The ICS poses little effort from facility’s staff as the survey is self-administered. 
  • Facilities can compare domain scores with other measures of treatment to identify clinical practices having positive effect on consumers.
  • The ICS format is easy for consumers to use, and easy for facilities to calculate domain scores for quality improvement.


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