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NRI offers a benchmarking and quality improvement system for your psychiatric facility.

NRI's Behavioral Healthcare Performance Measurement System (BHPMS) serves all accredited state psychiatric hospitals, along with several private psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric units. NRI provides comprehensive quality improvement and analytic services to nearly 200 psychiatric facilities ranging in size from 10 beds to over 1,000 beds.

The BHPMS supports all performance measures required by The Joint Commission and CMS for psychiatric facilities, plus we have a select group of additional measures, including a scientifically validate inpatient consumer survey at no additional cost!

NRI believes in collaborative development of performance measures. Through collaboration with the National Association of Psychiatric Health System, we jointly developed and tested common performance measures for public and private inpatient psychiatric facilities. That effort led to further collaboration with The Joint Commission in the development of the Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) core measure set.


NRI provides robust comparisons, a base of nearly 200 psychiatric facilities, and the ability to form homogeneous groups for improved benchmarking of like-facilities. 

Quality Improvement

While quality improvement is a local action, NRI assists all levels of the organization with a range of service and products including data-driven reports, clinical best-practice guidance, ensuring common language across the organization, and understanding the tools of quality improvement.  

Our Services 

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To find out more about NRI’s Behavioral Healthcare Performance Measurement System (BHPMS) contact us at [email protected].